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monday, 29 april 2019

beakl pi – is a subtle variant of the BEAKL Zi configuration.. shift punctuation providing alternate fingering by moving the Question and Exclamation marks from the thumb Symbol Layer to the Base Layer Shift Dot ... colophon

friday, 26 april 2019

life list – birders are a broad community, captivated by the flight and fancy of feathered creatures and enchanted by their complex song. The number of bird varieties is endless yet we rarely are aware of their presence ... shadows and light

monday, 22 april 2019

planck zi – Split keyboards have been my daily driver for awhile now so the Planck hasn’t seen a whole lot of love on this site of late. Time to acknowledge this solid keyboard that opened ... colophon

sunday, 21 april 2019

rolling qmk modifiers – the QMK firmware library provides many convenient modifier macros for redefining keys as dual function key values and modifiers, notably the SFT_T, CTL_T, ALT_T and GUI_T toggle macros. For several BEAKL layout iterations, ... colophon

saturday, 20 april 2019

chimera ergo zi – from concept to implementation.. with Cherry Silent Reds and SA Profile R2, R3, R4 keycaps, and SA R1 thumb keys. impressions as expected, the ergonomic key placement (versus straight ... colophon