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thursday, 19 october 2017

split steno – an alternate right hand centric, thumb oriented TxBolt (default layer) implementation for the soft/hruf Splitography.. legend base layer cursor and mouse actions numbers and symbols function keys ... colophon

wednesday, 18 october 2017

splitography – production soft/hruf keyboard layout.. comprised of layers.. legend base layer blue layer orange layer green (blue + orange) layer stenography layer ... colophon

thursday, 12 october 2017

planck done – plancks with Cherry “Silenced” MX-Black keyswitches with 62 gram springs and sculpted SA profile keycaps.. Planck constant was supposed to be the last word on this Planck. One glance at the change history reveals ... colophon

saturday, 7 october 2017

planck history – was originally part of the supposedly last write-up on this site’s particular Planck keyboard layout. The annotations grew, then became long enough to warrant being separated out into its own update page here! In chronological ... colophon