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thursday, 18 october 2018

thumb i – exploring thumb keys further, by applying thumb I (swapping thumb H with ring finger I).. shaves 1% to 4% off the +Effort scale across the board – despite the HY same finger ... colophon

tuesday, 16 october 2018

beakl ti – the Thumb I or BEAKL Ti (titanium :-) layout advances BEAKL Mu’s left hand fingering by replacing the universal thumb key Space assignment with the alphabetic character I to lower same finger usage and ... colophon

friday, 5 october 2018

life list – birders are a broad community, captivated by the flight and fancy of feathered creatures and enchanted by their complex song. The number of bird varieties is endless yet we rarely are aware of their presence ... shadows and light

tuesday, 2 october 2018

gotchas – a random collection of code fragments used to solve various *nix installation problems encountered over time, after upgrades, etc. I have been meaning to keep a journal of little fixes but, up until ... colophon