thursday, 19 february 2015

you are encouraged to send your comments regarding the darnedest thing. Every effort has been made to make the commenting system as effortless and secure as possible should you have anything to add or ask regarding what is presented here.

Personally directed correspondence is another matter. Unfortunately, my personal computer (email) systems, and communications devices in general, have been known to go on the fritz with alarming frequency. Any one who has known me can attest to that.

So.. if I don’t respond to your email, or do so only after planetary transits, please don’t take it personally.

The comment mechanism is the preferred means of participation as, presumably, it is content on this site that has sparked the response. This will facilitate the comment thread associated with an article, as is common with other web sites.

However, if you must, other personal correspondence or inquiries can be addressed to:

steven hum at gmail dot com

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