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monday, 14 march 2016

it’s a slow and methodical process. Step by step, extending an already feature rich window manager, molding it to one’s will. Fixing corner cases that invariably pop up over extended usage. Then adding visual flair with ricing scripts to enhance the user experience and keep it fresh.

Distraction free plugins for vim complete my particular setup which is now complemented by an artful desktop. Time to return to the other threads on this site which were always the original intent of this hardware (keyboard and layouts) and software detour to create a publishing environment..

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planck redux

monday, 27 november 2017

is the ongoing evolution of the Planck layers.

Notable is the refinement of the Shift Layer symbol clusters from a 2x3 to a 3x2 (row by column) layout emphasizing the stronger index and middle fingers with conditional operators available on the left hand and regular expression symbols on the right. The accessibility of the Shift Layer symbols also made the Number and Symbol Layer overlays unnecessary, further simplifying the overall design.



beakl 8 ian mod


tap dance output  
’ ’ ’ ’ x ‘ (x) cursor position
Shift Shift Caps toggle

Alternate BEAKL mash up..

BEAKL mash up

beakl shift layer

BEAKL shift layer

tap dance output  
< < SP < - SP haskell
> > SP - > SP haskell
~ ~ ~ / home directory
~ ~ ~ ~ … repeating
` ` ` ` x ` (x) cursor position
: : SP : : SP haskell
” ” ” ” x “ (x) cursor position

numeric keypad layer

Numeric layer

tap dance output  
. . : separator
, , , SP separator

function key layer

Function key layer

symbol navigation layer

Symbol layer

mouse actions layer

Mouse actions layer

short cuts layer

Short cuts layer

tap dance output  
PRIV PRIV <string> compile time definition
PUB PUB <string> config.h definition

plover txbolt layout

Plover layout

adjust layer

Adjust layer

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