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are a primary subject of interest on this site. Writing and caring about the tools to do so seem to go hand in hand.

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The current daily driver being used to compose these blog entries can be found in daily beakl.


somehow became a thing on this site.

Source code typefaces have always been of paramount importance, being pervasive in my daily use for coding, email and desktop. PragmataPro and Iosevka were the de facto coding fonts until discovering the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font. Failing to find a monospaced version of that font, i created my own Iosevka variant.

Its use eventually led to a font exploration for ereaders with a dyslexic focus in mind—removing all mirrored glyphs along with other typeface adjustments. Many many font iterations improved the dyslexic readability and distinctiveness of the typefaces created, culminating in the current suite of font variants..

font hierarchy
articulate Atkinson Hyperlegible base font
typograffic Universal Grotesk variant
mu descending cap I with toothless-corner double-storey a
upsilon descending caps I T Y with single-storey a

Each of the above fonts build upon the preceding font. All inherit the base dyslexic glyph set for lower case b d p q and n m u, adding their own distinctive upper and lower case glyph shapes.

After eliminating all mirrored glyph shapes and experimenting with upper case glyphs with extended descenders, i may finally have settled on a duet of ereading fonts: the stria and grote fonts, a pair of complementary “flat” typefaces (whose influence have also made their way onto this site’s webfonts).

scria font

Fonts may be found in the font repos.


the current dotfiles containing the sources, configuration files and scripts described in the various articles can be found here.

To avoid an unnecessarily large download including all historical commits, pull only the latest repository files with..

git clone --depth 1

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monday, 14 march 2016

it’s a slow and methodical process. Step by step, extending an already feature rich window manager, molding it to one’s will. Fixing corner cases that invariably pop up over extended usage. Then adding visual flair with ricing scripts to enhance the user experience and keep it fresh.

Distraction free plugins for vim complete my particular setup which is now complemented by an artful desktop. Time to return to the other threads on this site which were always the original intent of this hardware (keyboard and layouts) and software detour to create a publishing environment..

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font repos

sunday, 30 july 2023

this page was created to centralize OneDrive shared links (which i seem to be able to break periodically)..

OneDrive Fonts

Earlier font typefaces and variants can be found in the archive folder.. though i admit their organization may not relate in an obvious manner to their originating site references (never imagined this font journey would be so extensive!)..

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