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monday, 14 march 2016

it’s a slow and methodical process. Step by step, extending an already feature rich window manager, molding it to one’s will. Fixing corner cases that invariably pop up over extended usage. Then adding visual flair with ricing scripts to enhance the user experience and keep it fresh.

Distraction free plugins for vim complete my particular setup which is now complemented by an artful desktop. Time to return to the other threads on this site which were always the original intent of this hardware (keyboard and layouts) and software detour to create a publishing environment..

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thumb i

thursday, 18 october 2018

exploring thumb keys further, by applying thumb I (swapping thumb H with ring finger I)..

Splitography BEAKL 
thumb I

shaves 1% to 4% off the +Effort scale across the board – despite the HY same finger bump – against the Thumb H layout on klatest for English prose. Swapping the pinkie Q and J further reduces the klatest score a hair.

Still old school, I am reluctant to give up the thumb Space key but this simple key swap warrants further investigation and trial..


while the +Effort scale improvement is largely a wash, more than any perceived improvement in finger metrics are the more comfortable I digram finger rolls.

With I on the home row for Thumb H, the outward rolls for EI AI OI UI are much more noticeable. On Thumb I all I digram combinations are equally comfortable and easily overshadow the same finger bump of the HY digram.

The Q J swap is not as clear cut which is not surprising given the sliver of improvement on klatest. The QU digram comprises 75% of all words containing the letter Q but J is the more common of these two low frequency letters with triple the number of words containing J digrams. Ultimately, the QUE QUA QUO trigrams won home row placement for the Q but others may find the J placement more to their liking..

Splitography BEAKL thumb 
I home Q

Sitting amongst the top of the klatest rankings, it is difficult to envision a layout that will feel more comfortable to these hands – though, that’s what I thought with Thumb H :-)..

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