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monday, 14 march 2016

it’s a slow and methodical process. Step by step, extending an already feature rich window manager, molding it to one’s will. Fixing corner cases that invariably pop up over extended usage. Then adding visual flair with ricing scripts to enhance the user experience and keep it fresh.

Distraction free plugins for vim complete my particular setup which is now complemented by an artful desktop. Time to return to the other threads on this site which were always the original intent of this hardware (keyboard and layouts) and software detour to create a publishing environment..

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beakl pi

monday, 29 april 2019

is a subtle variant of the BEAKL Zi configuration..

Chimera BEAKL Zi

shift punctuation

providing alternate fingering by moving the Question and Exclamation marks from the thumb Symbol Layer to the Base Layer Shift Dot and Comma key positions..

BEAKL Pi Shift punctuation

The Punctuation* chords remain in their identical locations as the punctuation key locations do not change..

Chimera BEAKL Zi punctuation chords

Tap key actions with Punctuation* key down for..

keycode single tap double tap
Space Punctuation* Space Shift
Enter Punctuation* Enter Shift Punctuation* Enter Enter Shift

The one keyboard affected is the Splitography which looses the punctuation chord for the Semicolon, Question and Exclamation marks (a low frequency character sacrifice) due to the current firmware handling of Shift-Space as Enter.

symbols and regex

adjusting the Symbol Layer with the displaced Tilde and Grave..

BEAKL Pi symbols

Tap key actions for..

keycode double tap double tap (down)
Less Than* “ <- ” repeating LessThan
Greater Than* “ -> ” repeating GreaterThan
Percent   repeating Percent
Dot Dot Slash  
Tilde Tilde Slash repeating Tilde
Equal Exclamation Equal repeating Equal
Asterisk Dot Asterisk  

regex toggle

BEAKL Pi symbols and regex


relocating the Question and Exclamation marks produces a subtly smoother writing experience (IMO) with the more nimble index finger Shift – and can be rationalized as a more logical positioning as well. As always, YMMV..

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