tuesday, 17 february 2015

finally! The configuration files for the applications discussed on this site are now available at github.

Like much of the colophon material, expect frequent updates as configurations and scripts are fine tuned.. and I hem and haw about what might be of interest to the community at large.

I use GNU stow for managing the configurations of common applications installed across my system. It not only enables organizing configuration files under a single root folder, it also provides a map of the various paths used by an application which can be listed with..

tree ~/dotfiles/application # or ls -lr ~/dotfiles/application

which often include files in $HOME, ~/.config, ~/.local/share etc.

Using Syncthing, it is easy to synchronize these configuration files across machines in real time (well, almost, with little time lag) by simply syncing the root stow (dotfiles) directory on each machine.

Of course, regular snapshots are in order, to recover from that unfortunate edit or file pruning of content within the stow repository (as Syncthing will, more often than not, promote the unintended change before it can be caught)!

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