sunday, 16 november 2014

a few words about comments to this site are in order, as the mechanism is somewhat unique.

Unlike most schemes deployed on the internet which attempt to thwart spammers by requiring site registration and logins, or CATPCHA input, this site utilizes email filtering. By doing so, you can use your favourite email client to compose your thoughts without need to register or go cross eyed.

Also note, comments are not posted to the web site in real time. Expect some delay for your comment to show up until the automated comment processing is more rigorously tested.

The aim is to make commenting as painless as possible so that you can participate on this site. Through the use of multiple spam filtering layers, the garbage that afflicts many a site is avoided. As well, trolls can be blacklisted and their incoming emails discarded—not that I expect this site to inflame such discussion.

As well, you can rest assured that your contact information is safe. Email addresses and contact information are not retained on the web server, nor are they used for any purpose. Signatures following the standard double dash delimiter are automatically deleted from correspondence and, address and phone number information, is masked out by the server side application.

From time to time, the application may need to be enhanced to more accurately filter out contact information which may have inadvertently escaped filtering. A note to the webmaster can expedite the necessary correction. Corrections to content will be reflected on the site once adjustments are made to the filtering mechanism.

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