wednesday, 27 august 2014

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It is a strange notion to entertain a place amongst the collective voices of the internet. Largely because there really is nothing to add that hasn’t been expounded upon on the net, in books and transmissions throughout the ages. It has all been said before. We all share this journey. Travel the course of our lives which, though individual, bind us all.

It is a journey of awakening. Through all the possible expressions of our uniqueness. None more or less than another—though we may think so. Our stories are premised on the notion of being somehow placed shy of some idea we have of completeness—of being separate. When, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

For first time visitors, this site link provides an overview of the site structure and how to explore it.

This site is about the ending of suffering. The suffering which the story experiences in conflict with reality it does not agree with. All of this resistance comes to an end, when the mind realizes all its thoughts are assumptions it constantly makes, in the projection of itself.

As such, it is written in words (of course). And, as a result, can be mistaken for having an authority it should not. It is not because it is true or false, but because the story constantly seeks authority it believes it does not have. That must be outside itself—as a story separate from everything else.

Words. They are charged with the meaning and the history we have behind them. When we read them, we tend to give them authority. Largely because words are thoughts transcribed, and we are addicted to our own thoughts.

Nothing in this site should be taken as true. It is for you to determine the truth or falseness of it. That is yours for the taking.

For clients, I hope the darnedest thing can shed some light on your personal journeys. This site is far from complete—be patient. If you have stumbled upon this site, I hope you find something timely and come back, even if your interest is purely technical. So..

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