tuesday, 17 february 2015

each thread – the submenu titles below the the darnedest thing— has an about link which describes the thread, its purpose and intent. It is the starting point. And, by design, easily overlooked so as not to get in the way on future visits. A catch-22.

The link is quite simple to identify as it is the first link on the page below the lead in content, titled “about”. The main or home page has a start here link for a global overview.

The broad scope of this site invites clarification. And is an invitation to exploration—from the metaphysical to art to technical. They are all linked, even if it is not obvious—because their source is the same.

So, gloss over the “abouts” to get your bearings. Poke around the site. Your comments are welcome. It is all about connection. Your feedback will ultimately be reflected on this site..

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