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monday, 16 april 2018

beakl mu redux – mashes up the BEAKL mu layout further by applying the HIEA home row of BEAKL EZ to the left hand, thus, resolving the UAI same finger issue of BEAKL 8 in favour of finger rolls. ... colophon

split redux – my new daily driver applying the Planck BEAKL layout to the SOFT/HRUF Splitography keyboard— though, this design should be effective with any keyboard layout. legend splitography beakl I have since reverted ... colophon

planck reduxed – defining the PERMISSIVE_HOLD and IGNORE_MOD_TAP_INTERRUPT config.h options enables applying responsive modifiers to the home row, for vastly improved accessibility. The redundant center column modifier chords are now replaced with layer toggles, freeing both hands ... colophon

monday, 2 april 2018

splitography – production SOFT/HRUF keyboard layout.. comprised of layers.. legend base layer blue layer orange layer green layer numlock layer stenography layer ... colophon