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tuesday, 20 april 2021

chording engine macros – in case anyone else gets the chording engine bug, this is another example of the M() macro for DennyTom’s chording engine adding some dynamic features to the left hand hexpad of the.. number layer ... colophon

sunday, 18 april 2021

georgi wi – this layout uses the Georgi keyboard and a (firmware) chording engine.. Edit: Added QUIKEY shortcut editing overlay layer Edit: Added Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right keys to Cursor layer Edit: Added Comma Period chord ... colophon

saturday, 17 april 2021

chording engine – and how i have been won over by a 30% keyboard. The Georgi keyboard for steno is flashed with QMK software but with a divergent approach from most supported keyboards. Namely, it uses a “chording” engine ... colophon

georgi'ous – keyboard and how i have become a chording engine convert. A couple years ago, g Heavy Industries introduced the Georgi for steno advocates using Plover. It is one of the few dedicated split steno keyboards and i ... colophon

saturday, 3 april 2021

iosevka hyperlegible – iosevka is hands down my favourite monospaced font for programming, writing, desktop.. everything in my day to day computer workflow. It can be installed in many pre-built typeface flavours. But what i love most about Iosevka is ... shadows and light