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thursday, 31 august 2017

planck constant – the current Planck (keyboard) state as documented on this site and dotfiles. This page is a continuously updated explanation and history of the keyboard layout iterations. Notes in the accompanying keyboard descriptions pertain to layout ... colophon

wednesday, 30 august 2017

colemax – several steps removed from the Colemak Mod-DH layout with the Colemak CF key swap, a simple incremental optimization can be achieved with the.. pg swap The PG key swap is arguably a wash as ... colophon

tuesday, 1 august 2017

colemak mod-xvcf – the alternative layout Colemak significantly improves upon the widely used QWERTY. The Colemak community further refined the Colemak layout with.. colemak dh addressing the DH placement, D for its letter frequency and H ... colophon