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friday, 20 december 2019

gotchas – a random collection of code fragments used to solve various *nix installation problems encountered over time, after upgrades, etc. I have been meaning to keep a journal of little fixes but, up until now, ... colophon

tuesday, 17 december 2019

beakl zi revisited – after the latest fixes to the BEAKL Pi layout, the new navigation layer.. stood out for its natural thumb Enter (select) position after navigating menus – a common workflow activity on a ... colophon

monday, 9 december 2019

vim colors duochrome – contrary to most vim (editor) colorschemes which emphasize syntax highlighting, vim-colors-duochrome is a minimalistic dual monochromatic vim colorscheme born out a distraction free writing preference. It is a fork of vim-colors-plain, which simply ... colophon