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sunday, 31 january 2016

rofi columns – converting from dmenu to rofi, it turns out, proved to be just the beginning. Its extended dmenu feature set refocused attention on the format possibilities of the menu content—not that there was anything dmenu restricted. ... colophon

reality – is a reminder of who we are. It is the inward projected outwards. What we perceive to be separate from us, to be affecting us, is merely our opinion in opposition to it. How ... the story

weechat – anyone perusing this site has probably noticed that I do not subscribe to social media services. No facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and the like icon reminders splashed everywhere. I don’t even have a cellphone. I am ... colophon

shell dsl – inevitably, shell scripting a suite of herbstluftwm window manager functions led to considering recoding the scripts, originally written in zsh to dash. The decision to move to dash for all user shell scripts was predicated ... colophon

fuji x100t settings – the Fuji X100T is a significantly different beast from its X100 ancestor. It not only sports Fuji’s X-Trans sensor versus the original Bayer sensor but has a completely re-engineered optical viewfinder system which has ... shadows and light

rofi – refactoring the dmenu scripts afforded revisiting rofi, a dmenu substitute. It didn’t get much of a look previously as it didn’t work out of the box when simply dropped into my dmenu wrapper. Back then, ... colophon