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monday, 23 march 2015

colemak mod-dh – is a Colemak mod that attempts to tweak the Colemak layout by reducing the lateral movement of the index fingers, notably for the D and H keys, so they are pressed by the index fingers ... colophon

saturday, 21 march 2015

thought – knows only itself and, even then, knows only the idea of it. Through this lens, reality is filtered, until it fits accordingly, thoughts’ idea of what it should be—re-affirming and entrenching its belief. ... the story

monday, 9 march 2015

poker 2 + vim – allows for some additional keyboard mappings, in particular, for the keys most difficult to reach but often used. Remapping the Esc and Del keys is one experiment I have been trying out—the Tab key ... colophon

saturday, 7 march 2015

about healing – my medicine box is comprised of homeopathics (shamanic elementals), breath/body (rebirthing, emotional body, myofascial tissue, energy) work and shamanism (feather work, tobacco, plant medicines, allies, ceremony). Much of my work is done through dream ... healing

thursday, 5 march 2015

keyboards – i have lost count of all the keyboards that I have owned and used. Ones I remember.. IBM Model-M with buckling springs numerous Logitech rubber dome keyboards Microsoft keyboards including the ... colophon

monday, 2 march 2015

poker 2 – configuration of the Pn layer allows mapping keyboard and function key combinations to provide the shortcuts necessary to emulate a full 104 key keyboard. Such a setup allows typing with minimal hand movement and actually, ... colophon