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thursday, 14 may 2015

2015-05-14 – well, it didn’t take long to return to a more classical hand positioning for touch typing (versus the flattened fingering I was experimenting with). With that, I have returned to the original Colemak Shift-DH layout ... colophon

wednesday, 13 may 2015

shift-mod layout – favouring my index finger over the middle finger, I have now been toying with the bottom row of my Colemak Shift-DH layout, swapping the C and V keys of that layout. The original Qwerty ZXCV ... colophon

monday, 11 may 2015

2015-05-11 – not the usual site specific announcement but I guess this must be the final keyboard layout which future content will be composed on. For the curious, the keyboard and layout evolution can be found in ... the darnedest thing

sunday, 10 may 2015

amphetype – there are many typing tutors available as web browser or standalone applications. Many are tailored to provide training for a particular keyboard layout, beginning with home row finger exercises and progressing to number/symbol row touch typing. ... shadows and light

tuesday, 5 may 2015

cherry profile – keycaps are about 2mm shorter than the “OEM” profile keycaps which come standard with the Poker 2 keyboard. This shortens the keycap stem accordingly requiring a reduction of the O-ring depth previously applied. The ... colophon

monday, 4 may 2015

poker 2 + o-rings – inserting rubber o-ring dampeners with clickety Cherry MX Blue switches improve the typing experience on the Filco Majestouch significantly, by mitigating the bottoming out of the keystroke, whilst shaving a hair off the keystroke travel. ... colophon