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wednesday, 14 november 2018

beakl ti revisited – it didn’t take long. BEAKL Vi’s placement of the Enter key and it’s improvement to chords and sequences involving Enter was immediately discernible over BEAKL Ti’s use of the Shift Space for the ... colophon

friday, 9 november 2018

2018-11-09 – changes fast and furious. The look continues to garner attention—influenced, in part, by my Kindle e-reader font themes (Futura) and a desire to impart a less “technical” look to this site. On the ... the darnedest thing

friday, 2 november 2018

searching this site – the search field can be found at the top of every page to the right of the site name by the faint colored magnifying glass icon and can filter for any article containing the ... the darnedest thing