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saturday, 21 november 2020

beakl wi – it didn’t take long! the changes introduced by the BEAKL Bi layout spurred on further explorations—the upper row QU roll, never quite feeling as natural as the familiar home row roll with BEAKL Zi. Returning to the new keyboard ... colophon

friday, 20 november 2020

keyboard layout evaluation – there are a number of keyboard layout analysers, some web based, some desktop applications. The readily accessible web based analysers use a graphical interface to input a new layout for comparison against a predefined library of stock layouts—QWERTY, Dvorak ... colophon

thursday, 12 november 2020

tt-rss dfm – i am a massive consumer of syndicated web feeds. This allows me to collect and filter web content in digest mode without need for maintaining and visiting bookmarked pages of web sites of interest. Over time, close to ... colophon