about the story

wednesday, 27 august 2014

the story is largely unformed when we enter the world, save for our genetic heritage and karmic veils which hint at the road ahead of us. As we navigate our lives, we shape and fine tune our identity: the suit we put on each morning when we waken, the persona we believe ourselves to be. Our projection.

We chisel and refine this story throughout our life, as a projection of who we think we are and ought to be. And that who, is shaped by the experiences and assault of others’ projections upon us, of who they think we are and how they want us to be and who they would deny us.

The story expands to meet the ever changing landscape of experience and expectation. But it is always inadequate because it is a projection of our accumulated history. Life eludes it because it is expansive and untethered. While our story remains limited and fabricated, anchored in the past, forever caught in the projection of becoming.

The journey described here is about liberation, the freedom that results when the story’s hold is no longer, forever seeking or avoiding. Without a haunted past or a projected future, only the timeless remains.

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