angelic outreach toolkit

wednesday, 27 august 2014

this handout describes some invaluable tools for Lightworkers.

the principle of asking

by Universal Law, no higher-dimensional being can intercede or assist you unless you request it. Develop the habit of asking for assistance, information and guidance.

“grace it and get on with it!”

Grace is a Divine force that allows a complete break with the past and a fresh start in each Now-moment. Grace Elohim holds the energies of Divine joy, forgiveness, gratitude and celebration. She looks like iridescent snow and immediately intercedes if you ask her to. Because of the Universal Law that “The Universe recreates itself according to your pictures of reality”, we encourage people not to process, but instead “Grace it and get on with it”.

invocation to light

I live within the Light. I love within the Light.
I laugh within the Light.
I AM sustained and nourished by the Light.
I joyously serve the Light.
For I AM the Light.
I AM the Light. I AM the Light. I AM. I AM. I AM.

invocation to water

I take this, the Water of Life.
I declare it the Water of Light.
As I bring it within my body,
It allows my body to glow.
I take this, the Water of Light.
I declare it the Water of God.
I AM a Master in all that I AM.

the violet flame

St. Germain, Lord of the Violet Ray, offers the violet flame of transmutation for dealing with low frequency energy you wish to remove from your fields. Use it whenever you are dropping density of any kind or when you encounter low frequency energy in your environment. Do it several times a day if necessary.

For personal use, visualize the violet flame of transmutation (mixed with the Silver Ray of Grace to form a beautiful iridescent violet). Then see it pouring into your physical body and filling every cell. Then bring it through your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies separately.

To clean a space, such as your office or home, see the violet flames rising up from the floor, consuming all low frequency energy. Pay particular attention to cleaning your bed when you get up in the morning.

spiritual hygiene

use sea salt and the Violet Flame, mixed with Grace, to clean your fields. Place sea salt and invoke the rays into your bath water. Wash your clothes and bed-linens with a handful of sea salt to remove energetic residue. Because you do most of your clearing in your sleep, call in the above rays to transmute the old energies as you make your bed. You’ll feel so much better.

grounding up

imagine a thick line of Light beginning at your Omega chakra extending upwards through your spine and on upwards to the eleventh chakra. Ground into the vastness of your Spirit, not the planet — she’s mutating too. Allow your Spirit to stabilize you.


toning is a technology and language for the multi-dimensional transmission of Light, color, motion and geometries. Toning breaks up dysfunctional patterns, transmutes lifetimes of karma, infuses patterns and feels GOOD!

invocation to the unified chakra

see the Unified Chakra Invocation


to protect your fields against unwanted intrusion by detrimental energies, use the following three-step process at least morning and evening, and whenever you feel like extra protection, such as at work or on the freeway:

  1. After you’ve unified your chakras and created the unified field, cover the outside of the field with gold mesh. State that the gold mesh will let only love and Light in and out.

  2. Call on the Legions of Michael, the Destroyer Angels and Circle Security to lay in a triple protective grid.

  3. Ask the Destroyer Angels to spin out any detrimental energies from your fields.

synchronize your fields

your various energy bodies rotate at very particular rates and the rates of spin are usually harmonics and subharmonics of each other, such as 11, 22, 33 and 44. When one of your fields begins to spin off its normal rate, you may feel dizzy.

Unify your chakras to the tenth and try to sense the spin of each field in turn. One field may feel faster or slower, or just not right. Use your intent and vary the speed of this field, sensing the effect until you feel that your fields are in synch again. If you have trouble with this, just ask Spirit to do it for you.

There are many other causes of dizziness, of course, so see a physician if the symptom persists. This explanation is neither a medical diagnosis or a recommendation for treatment.

boogie busting

feel any resistance, fear, anger, neediness, cravings, obsessions, or addictions, especially when you are trying to work with Spirit? Then you’ve probably got “boogies”. These are usually astral critters, either camping out with you because they are attracted by your Light or because you invited them in a long time ago to keep you limited and human.

To remove them, first call on your friends on the fifth dimension and above: Archangels Ariel, Azrael and Aru-kiri, Polaria, Lord Michael and anyone else you wish. Ask for and visualize Lord Michael sending a tube of Light from the fifth dimension to around your energy bodies. Then say:

“I release all agreements, both conscious and unconscious, with any detrimental entity, astral entity or boogie. Please go into the Light. Now!”

Make it fun. Put them on roller-skates or throw a bon voyage party. You are assisting a brother or sister to go home.

Thank the boogie for its work in keeping you limited and tell it that the limitation is no longer appropriate. Then ask it to go up the Light tube. Be firm. If you feel resistance, demand that the boogie stand in front of you and tell you what it wants from you. It may be just recognition, or it may need reassurance that it has served its purpose well. Get increasingly firm that it must leave, shouting out loud if necessary. Feel your energy bodies. Do they feel lighter everywhere or is there still a heaviness or pain anywhere? If you still feel heavy, consult a professional “boogie-buster”.

When you feel lighter everywhere, begin to tone. This will release the last remaining energy and help them up to the fifth dimension. Then ask Lord Michael to collapse the tube away from your bodies into the fifth dimension.


we encourage everyone to learn to channel. This allows you to get your own multi-dimensional information, keeps you in constant contact with a wider perspective and breaks down reliance on outside authority. Besides, it’s ecstatic and fun!


this technique was brought in by Earth Mission and is very effective in changing pictures of reality.

“Superconscious, by the force of Grace, will you manifest the essence of the effect and performance, and embodiment of the highest possibility of ____, so that the power of this can be manifest in my experience. By the force of Grace and by the decree of Victory. And so it is!”

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