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sunday, 16 september 2018

the Thumb I or BEAKL Ti (titanium :-) layout advances BEAKL Mu’s left hand fingering by replacing the universal thumb key Space assignment with the alphabetic character I to lower same finger usage and improve finger roll combinations for the left hand.

The following updated set of Splitography keyboard layers for BEAKL Ti are provided for reference (and include the latest keyboard tweaks). Refer to the Thumb H and Split Thumbs Up articles for more detailed explanations of the layers and their evolution..

base layer

Splitography BEAKL Ti

Tap key actions for..

keycode double tap triple tap triple tap (down)
Semicolon Colon Minus    
Space Space Shift**   repeating Space

thumb shifts

Splitography BEAKL Ti shift 

Tap key actions for..

keycode double tap triple tap triple tap (down)
Tilde Tilde Slash    
Enter Enter Shift** Enter Enter Shift repeating Enter

rolling thumbs

to avoid the lateral thumb movement required to key the Shift-Space Enter chord in a Tab Enter sequence, the Tab and Shift-Tab keys can be held down after tabbing (in place of holding down the I Shift key) followed by the Space Enter key..

Splitography BEAKL Ti rolling thumbs

Note: Because the Esc-Backspace (Shift-Tab-Backspace) chord raises the Mouse Layer, the Shift-Tab Enter chord only triggers after two or more consecutive Shift-Tabs.

home row shift

is augmented with additional remapped Shift keycodes, notably extra Tab and Enter keys for each hand. This provides an alternate rhythmic Tab Enter sequence to complement the original rolling thumb design..

Splitography BEAKL Ti home row 

dot chords

Splitography BEAKL Ti dot 

Tap key actions with Dot key down for..

keycode single tap double tap triple tap
Space Dot Space Shift** Dot Enter Shift  
Enter Dot Enter Shift** Dot Enter Enter Shift  

Enter is I down Space tap (double tap for double Enter).

thumb symbols and cursor

Splitography BEAKL Ti 

Tap key actions for..

keycode double tap triple tap triple tap (down)
Colon   ” :: “  
Less Than   ” <- “ repeating LessThan
Greater Than   ” -> “ repeating GreaterThan
Equal   ” /= “ repeating Equal
Asterisk Dot Asterisk    

Enter is added to the cursor navigation cluster to allow single handed menu selection following an Up / Down movement.

mouse navigation

Splitography BEAKL Ti 

thumbed numeric keypad

Splitography BEAKL Ti 

Tap key actions for..

keycode double tap triple tap triple tap (down)
Dot Colon    
Comma Comma Space    

thumb shortcuts and function keys

Splitography BEAKL Ti Fn 

Splitography BEAKL Ti thumb 

Tap key actions for..

keycode double tap triple tap triple tap (down)
Priv string    
Pub string    

toggle layers

one handed access to the above layers is available through the center column toggle layer keys.

The CapsLock was previously managed in its traditional manner, as a keyboard state versus a layer. However, rapidly triggering the CapsLock with alternating toggle layers could render a locked caps state (the result of a timer conflict with the toggle layer macro and CapsLock), requiring a keyboard reset.

To resolve this rare timer event conflict, the CapsLock is implemented as an additional toggle layer under the toggle layer macro’s timer management..

Splitography BEAKL Ti CapsLock 

The CapsLock Layer including complete punctuation, thumb Tab, Enter and Del, and Cursor Layer navigation.

Home row modifiers could have been implemented with literally next to no effort but are intentionally omitted for lack of a use case with the CapsLock Layer.

stenography layer

Splitography stenography layer



**Tap enabled Shift behaves like a one shot modifier on the next key press.

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