beakl zi revisited

tuesday, 17 december 2019

after the most recent fixes to the BEAKL Pi layout, the new navigation layer..

Chimera BEAKL Pi Chords and

stood out for its natural thumb Enter (select) position after navigating menus—a common workflow activity on a keyboard driven desktop configuration.

This led to re-evaluating the BEAKL Zi layout and the placement of the Exclamation and Question Marks on the Regex and Symbol Layers..

Chimera BEAKL Zi Regex and symbol 

which benefit the construction of regex lookaround expressions—using the Exclamation and Question Marks with Equal and Less Than Signs—and, arguably, produces more rhythmic dot leader chords..

Chimera BEAKL Zi dot chords

This being said, the argument for BEAKL Pi appears to be diminished in comparison, although, the differences between the layouts are ultimately very minor given their identical alpha fingering. YMMV and that is what it boils down to. Exclamation and Question Mark with either layout is equally fluid.

double tap tilde

to produce the key sequence Tilde Slash broke along the way in BEAKL Zi, the QMK tapdance mechanism no longer being available with the Shift Dot mapping to produce Tilde.

This elegant double tap workaround solves the keycode mapping problem..

static uint16_t td_timer = 0; switch (keycode) { case KC_DOT: if (record->event.pressed) { td_timer = timer_elapsed(td_timer) < TAPPING_TERM ? 0 : timer_read(); } if (map_leader(record, LEFT, KC_RSFT, td_timer ? SHIFT : NOSHIFT, td_timer ? KC_GRV : KC_SLSH, 4)) { return false; } break; ...

unix tapdance

just as the double tap above for Tilde Slash is a *nix typing convenience, two other UNIX shell programming shortcuts have been added to the BEAKL Zi and Pi library..

keycode double tap triple tap quad tap
Greater Than* ” -> “ ” >/dev/null” ” >/dev/null 2>&1”

Note: if the HASKELL tapdance (compile time) option is not enabled, the *nix shortcuts will have double and triple tap assignments. Similarly, these shortcuts are enabled with the UNIX tapdance option. Refer to the config.h dotfiles

And so, back to BEAKL Zi.. for now.

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