daily beakl

saturday, 16 january 2021

the current keyboard layout daily driver is BEAKL Wi**.

This page consolidates information which may be ommited from the layout write-up, with inherited layers or features described elsewhere. It is presented so one doesn’t have to search the site for the remaining pieces of layout information. Newer layouts being evaluated will likely also inherit most of the layers and features on this page.

This page will be updated whenever a new layout in the rotation achieves the status as the main daily driver.

**See BEAKL Wi-v variant.
**See BEAKL Wi-x extreme variant.
**See Georgi BEAKL Wi chording variant.


beakl wi

Corne BEAKL Wi

Tap key actions for..

keycode double tap
Colon* ” :: “

*Optional (firmware build) Haskell language shortcut.

shift map

Corne BEAKL Wi</span> Shift

Tap key actions for..

keycode double tap
Semicolon* Colon Minus
Tilde* Tilde Slash

*Optional (firmware build) Unix and emoji shortcuts.

The left handed Space with Shift I is non-autorepeating.

leader capitalization

map to the Base Layer Enter and Space keys..

Corne BEAKL Wi leader capitalization

Tap key actions with Leader* key down for..

keycode single tap
Space Leader* Space Shift
Enter Leader* Enter Shift

*Where “Leader” is Shift, Period, Comma (Base Layer), or Question, Exclamation Mark (Symbol Layer) down. The chord acts as a one shot modifier, capitalizing the next keystroke after the Space or Enter. In the case of the Question, Exclamation Mark, the key remains down while the Space is released (lowering the layer), then either the Space or Enter is tapped to complete the chord.

regex and symbols

Corne BEAKL Wi</span> Regex and

Tap key actions for..

keycode double tap
Less Than* ” <- “
Greater Than* ” -> “
Equal Equal Tilde
Asterisk Dot Asterisk

*Optional (firmware build) Haskell language shortcut.

numbers and function keys

Corne BEAKL Wi</span> Numbers Fnkeys Goto

Tap key actions for..

keycode single tap double tap
Dot   Colon
Comma*   Semicolon
Delim Postfix Space or G or 0x**  
Smart Toggle smart Delim postfix  
Caps Hex lower -> UPPER case  
Brkt Square -> Round -> Curly brackets  

*Configurable (firmware build) to Comma Space.
**On tap Delim while 0 is held down.

shortcuts and cursor / mouse

Corne BEAKL Wi</span> Shortcuts Navigation

Tap key actions for..

keycode single tap double tap
Paste string string Enter
XPaste string string Enter
Priv*   string
Pub*   string

*Configurable (firmware build) strings.

Chimera BEAKL Wi thumb 

keycode action
Flash Flash EPROM
Stagger Alter right pinkie column order*

*Toggle BEAKL Wi pinkie stagger variants


Corne BEAKL Wi</span> Capslock

The CapsLock only retains the Shift modifier on the home row. Shift down produces the lower case alphas and the shift map keys.

toggle symbols

merges the Regex and Symbol Layers..

Corne BEAKL Wi Toggle Symbols

retaining the Space in place of the redundant Backslash.

»»  number pad

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