divine impeccability

wednesday, 27 august 2014

there are two qualities or positionings that are essential to being of service — being a Divine Instrument and being Impeccable. To be a Divine Instrument is to follow the prompting of Spirit in every moment, allowing the frequencies of energy that Spirit needs to put through your hands, your eyes, vocally or tonally. Divine Instruments know that whatever is needed in that moment for that person, will be provided by Spirit with love. No matter what, you will follow Spirit…

…without hesitation. That is impeccability. Impeccability is putting the prompting of Spirit into action. Impeccability requires focus, discipline and giving your all to what Spirit directs. Impeccable people do not do things half-heartedly. If their energy is not fully behind something, they will not force themselves out of a sense of duty, social convention or prior agreement. Impeccable people require mastery in themselves and honor the mastery of others. They will not attempt to rescue, save, heal, fix or coerce anyone. They are not manipulated by others or themselves. Impeccability has only one focus — to carry out the Will of Spirit in each moment.

Divine Instrument has fallen in love with Spirit and allows Spirit’s love to flow through them. An impeccable being has surrendered to the power of Spirit and the Will of God moves through them.

When these two qualities are harmonious within you, your being stands comfortably in the center of the paradox and you know your own truth. Within your truth lies all you have ever been, are and ever will be. Every skill and perception, every multi-dimensional gift and expression is there, within your truth. Here is the Holy Spirit you truly are.

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