groot font

friday, 11 august 2023

with the addition of the toothless double-storey lower case a to the descending caps typefaces, i realized i lacked a font with non-descending caps.

Enter the typograffic font variant..

groot font

the groot font with the toothless a and a number of other glyph embellishments inherited from the mu/umu typefaces..

groot font

It differs from the typograffic font..

upper case typograffic groot
B P R closed open
G toothless-rounded-serifless-hooked toothed-serifless-hookless
I serifless descending serifless
lower case typograffic groot
a double-storey-serifless double-storey-toothless-corner
f flat-hook-extended flat-hook-serifless
j flat-hook-serifless flat-hook-serifed
numeric typograffic groot
4 closed open non-crossing

This produces, for lack of a better term, a “flatter” font with a minimal number of glyphs with descenders. Line spacing looks more pronounced without the descending caps and extended lower case f. The one exception, the distinctive descending capital I, IMO attains the readability of its serifed counterpart whilst retaining the “clean” lines of a sans serif font. YMMV.

This now returns me to a working font trio of mu, umu and now groot.


The current ereader fonts may be found on OneDrive.

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