karmic matrix removal

wednesday, 27 august 2014

the effects of a KMR can be profound and life changing, and may include any of the following effects:

  1. Clear thinking.

  2. Better dream recall, lucid dreaming, dreaming in dimensions higher than the astral plane.

  3. Electrical energy running under scalp and down the spine.

  4. Blowing light bulbs, fuzzing stereo speakers, radios and television.

  5. Gentle or sudden openings in psychic or multi-dimensional perceptions. Spirit determines the timing and intensity of these openings.

  6. Sudden infusion of light causing mutational symptoms i.e. nausea, body ache, diarrhea, rashes, etc.

  7. Light headedness, floating sensations, vibrating or shaking, rushes of energy in or around the physical body, out of body travel.

  8. Alleviation of physical pain. Spontaneous physical, emotional or mental healing.

  9. Deeper communion with Spirit.

  10. Feeling like the ceiling on consciousness is removed.

  11. Right and left brain synchronization, nonlinear thought.

  12. Changes in the shape of the cranium.

  13. Light moves more smoothly through and around the body.

  14. Energy bodies restructure and realign.

  15. Chakras operate at higher functionings and merge.

  16. Alpha and omega chakras open and release waves through the body. Begin to restructure how chakra energies are used by the bodies.

  17. New synaptic pathways are formed in the brain allowing it to open up into a biotransducer receiver and translator of Light languages.

  18. Spontaneous channeling, awakening or revelatory experiences.

  19. Complete and sudden life shift. Any relationship or situation may suddenly go into crisis, release or disappear. You must talk to someone about this before doing a KMR. They must be prepared to handle an enormous amount of change in a very short amount of time. The KMR technique is very effective and should not be done on someone who is merely curious or thinks it should. No matter how much a person thinks that they want one, I make them go meditate on it and make sure it’s the will of Spirit. If you, as the facilitator feel uncomfortable about doing this technique on someone, don’t do it. If they are not ready, you’ll find yourself doing endless phone counseling with them until they feel they can handle their life again.

  20. Sudden personality/identity shift. Since lots of the matrix is self karmic, if a person’s identity is based in dysfunctional patterns of limitation, they may have an identity crisis or a breakthrough into a vaster multi-dimensional identity.

  21. Change in relationships. Anywhere a relationship is karmic based is likely to dissolve. Relationships based on Spirit will strengthen. That means people will likely leave their life. In general, I suggest that you do not do a KMR on people with children below age 10. Small children rely on the karmic connection to their parents to insure their needs will be met. If a parent has a KMR, their children may go into survival fear.

  22. Descensions of Spirit. This is very common soon after a KMR. It’s often a very intense descension with lots of physical manifestations such as shaking, rushes, dizziness and nausea, as Spirit does a shake out of density, stuck emotions and closed systems.

  23. A deep sense of freedom and completion of the old game of limitation. A whole new level of vision and determination emerges. This technique allows the old world to die and the new world to be born simultaneously. It drops out the time lag between the release of a dysfunctional pattern and the infusion of a new vaster vision from Spirit. Encourage them to focus on the new life that is emerging rather than on what is leaving. It makes the integration much faster and less traumatic.

  24. This technique is designed for dedicated Lightworkers only. It is not appropriate for someone who is enmeshed in the 3-D world. When awake Lightworkers look at their lives, they see lots of little patterns and pictures of reality that limit their effectiveness in creating Heaven on Earth. If someone is enmeshed in 3-D reality, they see these patterns as their identity and their life. To do this technique on a person operating completely in 3-D will either be ineffective or traumatic. For a Lightworker it is usually ecstatic.

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