mpd and pulseaudio

monday, 5 january 2015

mpd is a great music player daemon, especially when used with the ncmpcpp client. By default, mpd is installed under user mpd which prevents playing simutaneous audio streams within PulseAudio.

To enable playing multiple concurrent audio streams with PulseAudio..

cp /etc/mpd.conf ~/.mpdconf

And edit the following in ~/.mpdconf..

music_directory "/net/media/music" playlist_directory "~/.mpd/playlists" db_file "~/.mpd/tag_cache" log_file "~/tmp/mpd.log" pid_file "~/.mpd/pid" state_file "~/.mpd/state" sticker_file "~/.mpd/sticker.sql" #user "mpd" # default to current user auto_update "yes" follow_outside_symlinks "yes" follow_inside_symlinks "yes" audio_output { type “pulse” name “My MPD PulseAudio Output” }

Disable the mpd systemd (or corresponding init.d) service and launch locally for the user with..

# sudo /etc/init.d/mpd stop # sudo update-rc.d -f mpd remove sudo systemctl stop mpd.service sudo systemctl disable mpd.service mpd &

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