not knowing

saturday, 27 september 2014

is freedom. Freedom from the rigidity and confines of thought and belief. Only from that place, does true exploration exist and the possibility of discovery reside.

When we operate from knowledge, the past, there is only the continuity of it. Thought creates that which is experienced by masking what is, with its projection and desire. And, thereby, asserting itself.

Which is not to say there is no place for knowledge. One needs to know many things. How to operate a vehicle safely, perform a job well, utilize technology.. But these are the mechanics of life.

Great emphasis is placed on the accumulation of knowledge. As the adage goes, “knowledge is power”. And the immense strides made by mankind from the simplest of beginnings to our current complex organizations and capacity to exponentially expand our knowledge of the cosmos is facilitated through this accumulated knowledge.

But to meet something anew, without judgement and bias, requires not knowing. Without it, wonders cease.

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