planck done

sunday, 12 november 2017

plancks with Cherry “Silenced” MX-Black keyswitches with 62 gram springs and sculpted SA profile keycaps..

Sculpted Planck

Planck constant was supposed to be the last word on this Planck. One glance at the change history reveals how far from completion the project was! Subsequent separate write-ups dated the supposedly forever current page.

Hence, this page which will reflect only the current keyboard layout that I am using today (until Planck redux that is)! No write-ups—those, if any, will be found in subsequent articles. Only layouts for visual consumption :-).

The default Planck configuration comes installed with several common togglable layouts—QWERTY, Dvorak, Colemak, etc. However, my build script only flashes one layout or base layer, along with my standard suite of extension layers..



beakl base layer

BEAKL layout

beakl shift layer

BEAKL shift layer

beakl programming shift layer

BEAKL X shift</span> layer

numeric keypad layer

Numeric layer

function key layer

Function key layer

symbol navigation layer

Symbol layer

mouse actions layer

Mouse actions layer

short cuts layer

Short cuts layer

colemax base layer

Colemax layout

Shift layer

qwerty layout

QWERTY layout

plover txbolt layout

Plover layout

adjust layer

Adjust layer

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