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wednesday, 27 august 2014

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mdadm – i have moved from RAID level 10, to 5, to 6 and now back to 10. The rebuild and check times for RAID 6, in particular, are excruciating and stress the drives. With proper backups ... colophon

osx under virtualbox – initial virtualbox configuration mac OSX can be run under virtualization software. It is somewhat involved and, unfortunately, limited in that, to date, no virtualbox guest addition has been developed to provide full OSX functionality ... colophon   [comments]

overclocking – Gigabyte GA-EX58A-UD5 motherboard with 3.2Ghz Intel i7-930—dated hardware with still some kick in it—with G.Skill 2133Mhz Ares memory. Water cooling setup permitted lazy (auto voltage) overclocking within thermal limits i.e. CPU core temperatures well below ... colophon

fuji x100 custom settings – are erased every time the firmware for the camera is updated. Who can complain, considering the post end-of-product-life support Fuji has provided, which is unheard of in this digital age of disposable electronic appliances! ... shadows and light

the only betrayal – is the betrayal of thought. When we are wronged, disappointed, thrown into confusion by someone we trusted, all that, is merely the denial of what is. People are exactly as they are, and thinking that ... the story

consciousness – is creation enfolding back upon itself. God looking upon its own face. ... truth or die   [comments]

knowledge – we are trapped by the expanse of knowledge. By what we know and by what we do not know. No matter how much we armour ourselves with knowledge, it is always incomplete. And, therefore, cannot ... the story

radar opus – homeopathic software comes with cost and the most annoying hardware license protection schemes—I don’t know what that says about homeopaths at large! pre-install for Windows 8.. download the most recent ... colophon

welcome – hola! Welcome to the darnedest thing! It is a strange notion to entertain a place amongst the collective voices of the internet. Largely because there really is nothing to add that hasn’t been expounded ... the darnedest thing

smartmontools – is a collection of disk monitoring tools which can inspect, test and, more importantly, monitor the health of your hard disks (and precious data) and notify you via your system notification mechanism or an email. ... colophon

the four agreements – Toltec wisdom from Don Miguel Ruiz be impeccable with your word Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others; ... truth or die

you cannot – stop thinking. This just invites the bear trap that the mind is. It is the knot that cannot untangle itself the harder it is pulled at. But you can allow your thoughts and simply ... the story

pulseaudio notifications – to enable audio notifications in pidgin, in tools :: preferences :: sounds :: sound command.. paplay --volume=24576 --device=alsa_output.usb-Burr-Brown_from_TI_USB_Audio_DAC-00-DAC.analog-stereo --property=media.role=event %s ... colophon

abundance – is everywhere. To be here in this moment, another breath. How miraculous! ... truth or die

divine impeccability – there are two qualities or positionings that are essential to being of service — being a Divine Instrument and being Impeccable. To be a Divine Instrument is to follow the prompting of Spirit in every ... healing

the most simple difficult thing – to end the story is both the most simple and the most difficult thing to do. Because the ending of it is the thought of the story as well. It is the conundrum which ... the story

about the story – the story is largely unformed when we enter the world, save for our genetic heritage and karmic veils which hint at the road ahead of us. As we navigate our lives, we shape and fine ... the story

about colophon – the web with all its metadata about itself is an interesting analogue of the mind, hence, its inclusion. Much of the content in this thread is merely notes concerning the Linux builds I use—memory aids for ... colophon   [comments]

mantra – truth or die what could be simpler! ... truth or die

story – the story is all the thoughts we have about ourselves. It is the main character within the drama that is our life. A history. A movement. And most of all, something that is being ... the story

the only thing – i can know is Self. Everything else is an assumption. What I see, love and revile, judge, have any thought about, is the reflection of self. I could not recognize it otherwise. ... the story

All the world's a stage – All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ... the darnedest thing

about truth or die – something strange happens when you realize that time is your most precious commodity. Life is simplified. You cannot accrue time. Only use it. The traditional pursuit for security in all its guises becomes framed by ... truth or die

angelic outreach toolkit – this handout describes some invaluable tools for Lightworkers. the principle of asking by Universal Law, no higher-dimensional being can intercede or assist you unless you request it. Develop the habit of asking for ... healing

zfs – i migrated from mdadm/XFS to ZFS once I discovered an alternative to ZFS-fuse, the standard ZFS Debian package (whose performance and feature set were dated). ZFS had been limited to Solaris and FreeBSD prior to ... colophon

One Art – The art of losing isn’t hard to master; so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster. Lose something every day. Accept the fluster ... the darnedest thing

shifting to the new – when we come into the world, we operate from seven basic body chakras and five basic bodies — spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric blueprint and physical. Here are their old functionings and the shifts they have ... healing

so how – does the story end? It begins with the acknowledgement of it. Simply that the story exists, manifest as our thought of who we are. A parent. Wife or husband. A career. A nice or ... the story

liberation – is the freedom that comes when you are no longer bound by the script of your story. ... the story

vimwiki cheatsheet – the vimwiki wiki plugin is reason enough to use vim . It is a personal light weight wiki mated to one of the most powerful text editors available. No mousing required. Plain text data files. ... colophon

sup mail – before there was mutt, the email client that “sucked less”. However, after discovering Sup mail, yet another curses based (plain text) terminal application, there was no turning back. With IMAP Maildir labeling, combined with incoming ... colophon

stopping – our story seldom allows stillness. It is busy with its self construction. Our lives are filled with movement, our minds moving from one activity to the next. Seldom do we stop, sit under a tree, ... the story

protection – astral entities can intrude on our fields. Whether conscious or unconscious, we make agreements with them when we have moments of fear or need. These entities will attach themselves to us, usually promising some ... healing

disclaimer – all techniques in this manual are for Spiritual Light Integration. This is not medical advice. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, please consult your doctor. ... healing

karmic matrix removal – the effects of a KMR can be profound and life changing, and may include any of the following effects: Clear thinking. Better dream recall, lucid dreaming, dreaming in dimensions ... healing