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monday, 17 august 2015

xmodmap shift-dh – my Poker 2 keyboard travels with me everywhere so my Colemak Shift-DH layout is available to me on any computer I use. For those times it isn’t, the following .Xmodmap file allows me to ... colophon

friday, 14 august 2015

gateron pbt keycaps – seem like an unlikely topic. You have to be a somewhat of a “geek” to care about the subject. Most keyboards come with inexpensive ABS keycaps which are prone to wear over time—sometimes showing ... colophon

monday, 3 august 2015

compassion – is remembering that everyone is always doing their best. How is it possible to do otherwise in the enactment of the story we believe we are? We play our character to perfection, even the ... the story

sunday, 2 august 2015

current configuration – production environment platform Debian Linux the darnedest thing Sinatra web application DSL kramdown markdown syntax converter Slim template engine XapianFu full text indexing library ... colophon