monday, 3 august 2015

is remembering that everyone is always doing their best. How is it possible to do otherwise in the enactment of the story we believe we are? We play our character to perfection, even the imperfections and limitations we think we have.

It is hard at times when one feels wronged or let down by someone, especially with those we love because our stories are personally vested in them. And it can be gut wrenching when incomprehensible calamity is inflicted by fellow man and we are faced with global human suffering. But at every moment and circumstance, it is the best that each individual’s belief in their story allows.

The do gooder, the heinous criminal: both are trapped in their stories’ projection of what reality is, and they act accordingly, playing out their narrative, unaware of the possibilities beyond the reach of their story. One story may be more socially acceptable than another, but they remain stories, stories grappling with reality—stories which separate us from the truth.

When we can remember that everyone is always doing their best, judgement and division cease, and the seed of understanding germinates. In understanding is inclusion. And when you include everything and everyone, you have and are love.

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