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monday, 16 october 2023

2023-10-16 – still more font changes. Though, it feels like the journey has finally reached an end, near full circle to a geometric sans serif font. While the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font played a large role in ... the darnedest thing

monday, 9 october 2023

word spacing – this topic will be short—a strong indicator that the dyslexic font variants presented on this site is coming to an end :) When the dyslexic font exploration began, a word spacing of Space 2x was used ... shadows and light

tuesday, 3 october 2023

grote font – The asymmetrical lower case t of the groot and related fonts is, quite possibly, the final glyph substitution (available from the Iosevka project) to aid dyslexic readability. groot IMO is both a beautiful and highly ... shadows and light