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monday, 16 october 2023

still more font changes. Though, it feels like the journey has finally reached an end, near full circle to a geometric sans serif font.

While the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font played a large role in the various typefaces created here, it is the abandonment of the various hooks towards starker strokes—of the grote font—that now find favour with my ereading.

A return to the Bauhaus geometric tradition. Some glyph anchoring provided by hooked strokes is lost but added air is gained in the monospaced cells. The asymmetrical lower case t completes this minimalist expression. (Only the serifed lower case i j remain, the top serif more clearly emphasizing the glyphs’ dot).

While a somewhat stark font, i have found it to be a highly legible font, seemingly easier to read at speed—due to its air and minimalist glyph shapes which lessen the visual effort. (The web font here differs with the vertical crossing capital Q due to the lower resolution of computer monitors).

It has been a year of changes under this visual surface. A move to Alpine Linux for the server and development platforms. And to Helix from the Vim editor—this may not seem like much, but for someone who has written with Vim forever for everything, it is a huge shift (welcome in the change it brings with its unfamiliarity and new tricks to learn). A good year of changes.

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