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saturday, 19 march 2022

font creep. completion.

It took awhile but, save for the title font (which is safe for now), all the other fonts used on this site originate from the work done on the Monolexic font and the font families subsequently derived from that for coding and writing.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the Iosevka font upon which these font families are generated from with their own selection of character variants and metric overrides.

i am not a font designer nor an expert on dyslexia. But i am pleased with the font i have created for e-readers and its resultant legibility—it looks much much better at 300PPI on e-ink screens. That other lovely font families have not been able to displace Monolexic speaks to its legibility.. for my eyes, at least.

Hopefully, this site will yield the same visual ease and seduction for those stumbling onto these pages.

»»  2022-02-22

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