the darnedest thing

tuesday, 22 february 2022

it was inevitable.. from the development of..

that these cumulative enhancements to advance font legibility and readability, would be merged with my coding and system fonts for the computer desktop and applications.. and ultimately, find their way to this web site.

Spending so much time reading these days during Covid on my new Kobo Libra 2, this font has ingrained itself as my de facto standard of fonts. Every other font now looks too tight—needing more air—and oddly, vulnerable to varying degrees to dyslexia.

For first time readers, the Space character may seem oddly wide and the use of a monospaced font for text, unconventional. These are two distinguishing characteristics to the Monolexic fonts (differentiating them from other dyslexic fonts)..

  • to improve word separation
  • and present a uniform (horizontal) visual cadence
  • line spacing is also increased, much like draft copy to further reduce (vertical) content smearing.

Closer inspection of the Monolexic variants will reveal dyslexic specific tuned glyphs—notably the lower case b d p q and n u—to avoid mirrored glyph shapes and the visual (mental) confusion (mapping) they can produce.

One need not suffer from dyslexia to appreciate this font. At least, that is my experience—note words containing combinations of b d p q or n u.

No doubt, this site will continue to be tweaked for legibility (with a sprinkle of my ever tweaking personal aesthetic). i hope your experience of these changes is a positive one.

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