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saturday, 27 september 2014

sara – ... shadows and light

peebles – ... shadows and light

not knowing – is freedom. Freedom from the rigidity and confines of thought and belief. Only from that place, does true exploration exist and the possibility of discovery reside. When we operate from knowledge, the past, there ... the story

monday, 22 september 2014

gallery – title says it all. Placeholder for index.. ... shadows and light   [comments]

saturday, 20 september 2014

topaz under wine – photo processing in Linux with popular commercial tools is easily accomplished by installing the applications in VirtualBox with their OS. However, it is possible to run some Windows applications in Linux using the Windows emulator Wine. Some products like Adobe Lightroom are ... shadows and light

tuesday, 9 september 2014

automounting – removable devices on many desktop systems is facilitated by the Thunar file manager (and Thunar volume manager) with the GVFS virtual filesystem. If Thunar is running, then any removable devices plugged in are automounted. And ... colophon

2014-09-09 – the darnedest thing is written and designed by Steven Hum with the following.. desktop software platform Debian Linux (VPS server) Arch Linux (personal machines) bspwm tiling window manager ... colophon

saturday, 6 september 2014

2014-09-06 – a year has passed. And I am back in the Townships, under the cover of early autumn rains. It has been a year of changes and the movement of unexpected relationship. Not seeking any, ... the darnedest thing