rolling keys revisited

wednesday, 30 october 2019

over the course of time, two rolling key corner cases surfaced from the QMK rabbit hole descended in the (highly personal) tuning of the BEAKL Pi keyboard behaviour..

rolling thumb keys

rolling sequences leading with the I or Space may not register as desired because the thumb key momentarily raises their respective Symbol and Regex Layer, supplanting the Base Layer alpha keys. To resolve this issue, the thumb side hand of the Symbol and Regex Layers is defined with their respective alpha keys (which, beforehand were defined as null keys and navigation keys)..

Chimera BEAKL Pi Symbols and

The thumb side hand keys (grayed) now issue their respective Base Layer alpha keys—refer to the BEAKL Pi layout and the dotfiles.

doing so required moving the cursor navigation keys from the Symbol Layer to another layer—assigned, in this case, to the Edit Layer for equal ease of thumb activation..

Chimera BEAKL Pi Chords and

The compile time defined double tap private and public strings are relocated to accommodate the change.

rolling key set

rolling keys were not originally defined for the pinkie finger alpha keys on the expectation that the slower pinkie finger rolls would likely not trigger any sequencing errors. Wrong! So the Z J X and V keys are now handled by the mod_roll() function.

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