searching this site

friday, 2 november 2018

the search field can be found at the top of every page to the right of the site name by the faint colored magnifying glass icon and can filter for any article containing the search criteria entered.

Search criteria may contain a list of one or more words of the form..

expression filter
word any article containing word
prefix* any article containing partial word
+word article must contain word
+prefix* article must contain partial word
-word article must not contain word

Note the use of the asterisk (*), plus (+) and minus (-) symbols with the search expressions. When applied, there should be no spaces between the word and the symbol.

The search will yield a list of articles matching the criteria from any thread in chronological order, most recent first (unless the search criteria is too restrictive and nothing is found).

The search engine is very nimble and is a very effective way to navigate this site once one is familiar with the nature of its content. Failing that, pulling up the index or date page and using the browser’s own text search capability on the page provides another means for searching on article titles.

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