split steno

thursday, 19 october 2017

an alternate right hand centric, thumb oriented TxBolt (default layer) implementation for the soft/hruf Splitography..


Steno legend

base layer

TxBolt Plover

cursor and mouse actions

TxBolt navigation

numbers and symbols

TxBolt numbers and</span> symbols

function keys

TxBolt function keys

work flow short cuts

TxBolt short cuts

qwerty layer

QWTY key to toggle QWERTY layer on..


Plover key to exit QWERTY layer..

TxBolt QWERTY shift

qwerty numbers and symbols

TxBolt QWERTY numbers</span> and symbols

Alternate horizontal layout..

TxBolt QWERTY numbers and symbols - horizontal

beakl layer

an alternate non-QWERTY optimized layout—with added shift layer bracket symbols..


Note: number and symbol layers remain the same as QWERTY above.

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