this story

thursday, 19 february 2015

is about the ending of it. The ending of all stories and the freedom that comes from it.

How do you know you are in the story? When there is resistance; when there is resistance to what is. Now, this resistance need not be the obvious railing against reality. It can also be the subtle attachment to the comfortable alignment of the story in which you seem to have everything—but are consciously or unconsciously afraid to lose it.

The story is about control. When we are trying to exert our control over what is or keep our illusory sense of having it. Always, though, our stories are pre-occupied with control in the endless pursuit of permanence, immortality, health, material safety, all the things we think we want—but they are the wants of the story.

What we long for, though, is home. We yearn for the connection we think we don’t have, when, in fact, it is the story that separates us from that we seek.

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