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monday, 12 march 2018

integrating XMPP instant messaging with WeeChat is available through community plugins, notably the jabber.py plugin. Until recently, it provided Google Talk access reliably. Whatever the source of recent connection issues, a more actively maintained project is available in..


a more robust server solution which can manage several instant messaging protocols. BitlBee needs be installed and launched, after which, it may be accessed and configured within WeeChat.

configuration commands

the following summarizes the command steps to integrate Google Talk chat access within WeeChat.

WeeChat channel..

/server add im localhost/6667 -autoconnect /connect im

BitlBee channel..

register <password>

WeeChat channel..

/set irc.server.im.command "/msg &bitlbee identify <password>"

BitlBee channel..

account add jabber <you>@gmail.com [<gmail password>] account gtalk set oauth on account gtalk set auto_connect on account gtalk on

A private message will be received in a jabber_oauth channel providing a URL for granting BitlBee access to your gmail account and an authorization token for the server.

account list account gtalk set nick_format %nick blist rename <old nick> <new nick>

That should be it!

/msg <nick> <message>

to send a message. The reply received will create a temporary nick channel to continue your conversation in, just like any other IRC channel in WeeChat :-)

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