friday, 2 january 2015

it has been a meandering route to this place—starting out as a proof of concept with shell scripts cobbled together to massage vimwiki text files into html, to Ruby scripts and then to a Ruby Sinatra web application. Hardware upgrades, water cooling, overclocking.. all made the journey interesting.

This section is as much a repository of notes about the system this site is built from as anything. It is my humble contribution back to the internet community which has served me at every turn when I have tripped over a technical problem—both hardware and software. It is a constant source of learning.

There is still much to document. And to explore. The search for the ultimate user interface is a never ending personal one. Saving keystrokes may seem like a needless exercise but it’s probably as close to any amount of “control” that is achievable—which, ironically, is what this site set out to explore in the nature of our being.

»»  2014-10-21

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