friday, 19 june 2015

colours.. Dark gray, light gray and beige. Cherry profile Gateron PBT keycaps are on their way for my Poker 2.

The muscle memory from a month of Colemak Shift-DH layout usage has been fully established. But infrequent modifier key combinations are often keyed with a glance at the keyboard, dependent on the workflow.

Hence, a stab at a tri-coloured keyboard layout which, hopefully will still be aesthetically pleasing, to simplify visual finger placement..

`~ = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 [ ] Esc - Q W F P B J L U Y ; ' Del Tab / A R S T G M N E I O Enter \ Shift X V D C Z K H , . Shift Ctrl Win Alt Space Backspace Fn Pn Ctrl

»»  2015-05-14

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