tuesday, 23 june 2015

we constantly place subtle and gross conditions on reality. I will love you if.. I will honour my word if.. I will be happy if..

It is difficult to not have conditions. It is personal. It is what defines us, individually and collectively. They are our opinions of what reality should be.

But any condition we place upon reality—our relationships, environment, co-workers, strangers, work.. reality—can only lead to suffering. At best, temporarily satisfying illusion. Conditions immediately place a lens over our experience. And in doing so, creates separation.

That is why love is unconditional. Ironically, that can most easily be sensed when one is alone, free of the triggers that pull up the narrative and all its demands.

When we react, negatively or positively, to a situation, that is the story asserting itself with its conditions.

But it is possible to act differently—to be the “joy” of Spirit that comes from direct experience which has no condition to be met, only revels at the infinite vastness of creation. It is a freedom that is only possible when there are no conditions.

We look for this. Suffer its absence. Are that which is the problem and the liberation. A breathing koan!

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