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wednesday, 16 december 2015

path mangling – user scripts are commonly dropped into the user $HOME/bin directory. Add this directory to the PATH environment variable with export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH in your shell script’s initialization file and all the user scripts and ... colophon

grokking vim – Vim is a modal editor—with insert (writing) and command modes—that persists despite the evolution of graphical editors, many of which are equally powerful and have become de facto standards on their respective platforms. TextMate comes ... colophon

2015-12-16 – over the months, many under the hood changes have been made to the development server. Moving from zsh to dash for all shell scripts initiated a rethink of the standard way to organize scripts—namely, ... colophon

sunday, 13 december 2015

colemak colours – after several months of using my Colemak Shift-DH layout, I have finally arrived at a tri-coloured keyboard layout which highlights the modifier, home row and function layer—left number keypad and right navigation cluster (see Colemak ... colophon

2015-12-13 – a subtle but significant change to this web site. The home page now shows the most recent articles posted for the various topic threads which comprise this site. Dependent on publication date, not all ... the darnedest thing