wednesday, 16 december 2015

over the months, many under the hood changes have been made to the development server.

Moving from zsh to dash for all shell scripts initiated a rethink of the standard way to organize scripts—namely, to go from a typical bin directory containing every manner of user script to a directory hierarchy of scripts. This led to a wrapper/source function organization of scripts which percolated to the dmenu and herbstluftwm scripts, and the setting of the PATH environment variable as required.

herbstluftwm continues to be refined to my workflow and rofi replaced dmenu2 as the final global eye-candy change. Hot key menus playing such an important role in my workflow, the rofi fullscreen changeover brings the user interface altogether with pleasing effect (IMO).

As usual, the changes can be tracked in the dotfiles while I attempt to document some of the more interesting aspects.

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