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thursday, 10 august 2023

umu font – a grail font perhaps? As always, just when i think i am finally done.. The toothless double-storey lower case a of the mu font font and the single-storey a of the upsilon font produce ... shadows and light

thursday, 20 july 2023

mu font – descending caps, since becoming enamoured with the descending serifless I variant of the typograffic font (with Iota), had become the focus of the latest font development. The expressiveness rendered to the typefaces by these unique descenders combined with dyslexic readability ... shadows and light

thursday, 22 june 2023

ypsilon – from the Iota font springs the Ypsilon font.. which is its fraternal twin (or complement) with descenders applied to the vertical center strokes of the upper case T and Y—more easily discerned with fontmatrix**.. **The ... shadows and light

wednesday, 24 may 2023

font trio revisited – Iota rapidly established itself as the default font on my ereader. It is a very unique yet highly readable font and sported the single-storey lower case a which i am drawn to for the added openness it renders ... shadows and light

thursday, 12 january 2023

iota – typograffic has been my favourite font of late.. the culmination of two years of font experimentation—beginning innocently with a monospaced facsimile of the Atkinson Hyperlegible Font (for coding) and expanding into (too) numerous variants as an ereader font ... shadows and light

saturday, 3 april 2021

iosevka hyperlegible – iosevka is hands down my favourite monospaced font for programming, writing, desktop.. everything in my day to day computer workflow. It can be installed in many pre-built typeface flavours. But what i love most about Iosevka is ... shadows and light