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wednesday, 29 march 2017

ergo planck – it wasn’t long after settling on the wide Planck layout for a time, that a number of thoughts and observations came to mind (with input and inspiration from the Colemak community, ever in pursuit of ... colophon

monday, 23 january 2017

wide planck form – just when you think you’re done, there is always another idea to try out! The Colemak forum has long advocated a wide or extended key layout to further enhance the ergonomics of the Colemak layout ... colophon

wednesday, 14 december 2016

planck on – just as I thought I was done, typing revealed one last(?) change! Double tapping on the number layer was a clever way to allow keying symbols that would have otherwise required either, shifting ... colophon

friday, 2 december 2016

thumb plancking – changes to my Plancks are incremental now. Without a totally different layout approach, it would be difficult to cram much more key overloading to the basic layout I arrived at. That being said, ... colophon

saturday, 19 november 2016

maxed planck – no sooner said, than undone.. or at least revisited! Taking advantage of the QMK firmware, keys have been overloaded with complimentary modifier, one shot and double tap actions to increase the power of each layer. ... colophon

monday, 7 november 2016

planck refactored – it didn’t take long to publish my original Planck layouts and then do some rethinking about the hexadecimal keypad and the symbol layers. Writing will do that.. modifiers the outer left, ... colophon

wednesday, 7 september 2016

plancked – a picture can be worth a thousand words. keyboard-editor-layout.com is used to realize the Planck layouts described here. colemak dh the default layout.. where my fingers rest most of the ... colophon

monday, 29 august 2016

plancking – after using the planck ortholinear keyboard for only a few weeks, I am a converted user. Even a 60% keyboard now feels unnecessarily large, cumbersome and less ergonomic. The ortholinear layout provides left-right hand ... colophon

wednesday, 13 july 2016

ergo shift-dh – the Colemak Shift-DH introduced left/right hand diagonal fingering symmetry which alleviates the left hand wrist twist of most keyboard layouts. Lately, I have been playing with optimizing the keyboard experience by changing the keycap ... colophon

saturday, 9 july 2016

planck ortholinear – the planck ortholinear keyboard is a 40% keyboard of 4 rows by 12 keys which, at first glance, would appear to be inadequate for serious keyboard usage. Like its 60% keyboard cousin, firmware configurability allows ... colophon