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sunday, 15 august 2021

chorded bigrams – a recent thread on reddit raised an interesting topic regarding same finger bigrams. While constituting only a small percentage of common bigrams—two letter combinations—the problem is exacerbated when the letter requires a weak finger double tap, notably the ... colophon

monday, 10 may 2021

split chords – waiting on 15g springs for the Splitography, porting the chorded home row layout to it was inevitable as i further explore this minimal finger travel layout approach and the power of DennyTom’s chording engine. While my ... colophon

saturday, 17 april 2021

chording engine – and how i have been won over by a 30% keyboard. The Georgi keyboard for steno is flashed with QMK software but with a divergent approach from most supported keyboards. Namely, it uses a “chording” ... colophon

saturday, 2 january 2021

lazy beakl wi – or shortie pinkie Wi. i came across this keyboard design some time ago which had a distinctively heavier pinkie finger stagger than is commonly found. But as radical as the column stagger appears, i had ... colophon

friday, 20 november 2020

keyboard layout evaluation – there are a number of keyboard layout analysers, some web based, some desktop applications. The readily accessible web based analysers use a graphical interface to input a new layout for comparison against a predefined library of stock layouts—QWERTY, ... colophon

saturday, 10 october 2020

rolling qmk modifiers revisited – with Covid-19 time on my hands, i thought i would revisit rolling modifiers. since implementing my own mod_roll() library to handle rolling modifiers in place of the QMK mod_T() macros (SFT_T, ALT_T, CTL_T, GUI_T) due ... colophon

tuesday, 7 january 2020

corne – with the unavailability of the Chimera Ergo 42 the past several months, i came across the Corne keyboard in the hunt to build another keyboard. While not wireless, it is another 42 key 40% keyboard ... colophon

tuesday, 17 december 2019

beakl zi revisited – after the most recent fixes to the BEAKL Pi layout, the new navigation layer.. stood out for its natural thumb Enter (select) position after navigating menus—a common workflow activity on a keyboard ... colophon

wednesday, 30 october 2019

rolling keys revisited – over the course of time, two rolling key corner cases surfaced from the QMK rabbit hole descended in the (highly personal) tuning of the BEAKL Pi keyboard behaviour.. rolling thumb keys rolling sequences leading ... colophon

tuesday, 25 june 2019

rolling qmk caps – the original implementation of rolling QMK modifiers only allowed proper case words with leading capitalization during rapid finger rolls. While not a huge imposition—all caps can be typed by respecting the TAPPING_TERM setting or ... colophon

monday, 22 april 2019

planck zi – Split keyboards have been my daily driver for awhile now so the Planck hasn’t seen a whole lot of love on this site of late. Time to acknowledge this solid keyboard that opened ... colophon

sunday, 21 april 2019

rolling qmk modifiers – many convenient modifier macros for redefining keys as dual function key values and modifiers, notably the SFT_T, CTL_T, ALT_T and GUI_T toggle macros are part of the standard QMK firmware library. For several BEAKL layout ... colophon

friday, 22 march 2019

chimera ergo zi – from concept to implementation.. with Cherry Silent Reds and SA Profile R2, R3, R4 keycaps, and SA R1 thumb keys. impressions as expected, the ergonomic key placement (versus straight ... colophon

friday, 4 january 2019

beakl si – the keyboard layouts for the Splitography and the Planck on this site, applied certain personal thumb conventions—noticeably, the Shift modifier, the Space Enter Backspace Delete Tab Escape keys, and raising the various Symbol Number ... colophon

friday, 3 august 2018

thumb h – the HIEA home row of the split thumbs up layout featured nice finger rolls and low same finger usage. But having come from the standard BEAKL layouts, the left pinkie finger H assignment always ... colophon

wednesday, 23 may 2018

homed split – symbols in layout BEAKL mu are accessed via the index, middle and ring fingers of the thumb shift side hand. It is surprisingly effective but constrained by the range of keys comfortably reached by ... colophon

monday, 13 november 2017

planck history – was originally part of the supposedly last write-up on this site’s particular Planck keyboard layout. The annotations grew, then became long enough to warrant being separated out into its own update page here! In ... colophon

thursday, 31 august 2017

planck constant – the current Planck (keyboard) state as documented on this site and dotfiles. This page is a continuously updated explanation and history of the keyboard layout iterations. Notes in the accompanying keyboard descriptions pertain to ... colophon

sunday, 18 june 2017

planck qmk – software easily allow programming the layers and key actions that make the Planck such a uniquely powerful 40% keyboard. For many, the robust QMK library of available keyboard macros is sufficient for constructing their ultimate keyboard. ... colophon

saturday, 19 november 2016

maxed planck – no sooner said, than undone.. or at least revisited! Taking advantage of the QMK firmware, keys have been overloaded with complimentary modifier, one shot and double tap actions to increase the power of each ... colophon

wednesday, 7 september 2016

plancked – a picture can be worth a thousand words. keyboard-editor-layout.com is used to realize the Planck layouts described here. colemak dh the default layout (with V B key swap).. where ... colophon

monday, 29 august 2016

plancking – after using the planck ortholinear keyboard for only a few weeks, I am a converted user. Even a 60% keyboard now feels unnecessarily large, cumbersome and less ergonomic. The ortholinear layout provides left-right ... colophon