the look

saturday, 10 november 2018

for this site was originally inspired by a wiki based web app called Nanoki written in Lua, a scripting language I had been investigating at the time. The clean monochromatic layout of its original example site “Sputnik” (no longer hosted) was reminiscent of distraction free editing environments.

The classic use of Helvetica bold for titles has now given way to Roboto Jost* AdventPro light for titles and subtitles, a modern sans-serif font – certainly a different flavour from previous font pairings. The Verdana humanist sans-serif font for text content has been replaced by Montserrat Jost*, a geometric sans-serif typeface reminiscent of Futura with its tall ascenders – with medium weight for its subtle (bold substitute) line thickness.

Roboto, a clean neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface is used for menu headings, footer links and table entries. Sanchez, a slab-serif typeface reminiscent of the Rockwell typeface replaces the classic Courier typeface for quotations and excerpts. And Iosevka, a slender monospace slab-serif typeface replaces DejaVu Sans Mono for code snippets.

The thin light headings are rendered in a light red color to accent the otherwise monochromatic layout on a soft paper (Solarized) hued background. The use of light title and heading font weights reflects the distraction free design emphasis.. perhaps to the extreme for those with compromised visual acuity.

Not perhaps a web designer’s choice of font groupings, weights and colours, the design hopefully expresses a clean, yet readable, minimalistic distraction free layout with a pinch of style and nimble page refreshes.

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