monday, 26 january 2015

lots of minor tweaks have been made to the content and presentation of the colophon. Most notably, the code snippets are now, I hope, more legible and better formatted (in particular, line wrap is no longer by word for a clearer presentation). I still do not present code in the typical scrolling code box, largely because my preference is to be able to see all the code at a glance—as it is, familiarity makes corrections difficult to catch and frequent typos would escape me if hidden from view.

The big new thing has been working with herbstluftwm. Having referenced it in the bspwm writeups but having never really taken it for a lengthy spin, I decided sooner rather than later to give it a good look.. despite my remarks after my last bspwm writeup.

My workflow segued with herbstluftwm better than I could have imagined—and it took less scripting (than bspwm) to do so. This is not a knock against bspwm—that window manager still rocks! But for now, I am driving with herbstluftwm. Both herbstluftwm and bspwm’s shell oriented configurations have me sold, providing both ease and power.

As stated on the home page, it’s now time to refocus on what this site was originally intended to serve..

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